SCENIC is a reminder that the natural world still holds

Like Sanjeeta Pokharel, Renee Borges is also extending her current research to northeast India. One of India’s earliest flag-bearers of chemical ecology (37 years now), Borges, a professor at IISc’s Centre of Ecological Sciences, studies mutually beneficial relationships between species. She’s researched the relationship between cluster figs (ficus racemosa), pollinating wasps and parasitic wasps, and … Read moreSCENIC is a reminder that the natural world still holds

Checking Consumption and Analyzing the Stats

While Haridas is dreaming of a greener future, Shukla is more concerned with the here and now. Smarter Homes haven’t had much luck with developers and new constructions, primarily because their focus is the retrofit market. While admitting that working with buildings from their construction phase is definitely easier, Shukla claims he’s solving a more … Read moreChecking Consumption and Analyzing the Stats

Different perception of thinking

It is an entirely new ball game for new and old players,” says Aman Madhok, an analyst from tech-oriented research firm Counterpoint. Indian companies are pulling out all the stops to prevent the rising Chinese giant. Tata, which has significant clout in industry lobby Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles (SMEV), has been blocking Olectra-BYD’s entry, … Read moreDifferent perception of thinking

India has four rabies vaccine manufacturers

With a looming public health crisis in the offing, the Indian government has mulled capping exports of ARV altogether. Manufacturers, however, believe the government’s knee-jerk reaction will solve nothing in the long-term. They claim they simply do not have the capacity to meet states’ requirements and point to systemic issues with procurement as the root … Read moreIndia has four rabies vaccine manufacturers